What is The View?

The View is a newsletter about the Bootcamp Industry. News, insights & analysis, every week. Unlike the band The View we wear a different pair of jeans each day.

We will be true to who we are in real life, leveraging humor to keep the education chat informal and accessible.

Written for founders and product teams.

Who is the author?

My name's Gordon MacRae, and I started writing The View after spending a decade working with tech bootcamps in London and New York.

In that time, I created learning products that have generated millions of dollars for General Assembly and Multiverse.

Unfortunately, I haven't made millions of dollars. Maybe one day.

At the end of 2021, I was burned out. I took a break and have spent the last 12 months working with several education providers to figure out the problems that keep them up at night.

I thought these problems were fairly universal. So I started writing them down here.

Hire me

In addition to writing this newsletter…

I also work with bootcamps and startups on various projects.

In the last year I’ve:

  • worked with a leading European bootcamp on how to become an apprenticeship provider in the UK

  • hired teachers and a learning design team for a London-based data bootcamp startup

  • ghostwritten articles and social media posts for a Series A software engineering bootcamp

  • guided a UX design school to create a repeatable, scalable learning design process

  • used my database of providers to do competitive analysis for a UX design bootcamp

If you have a project in mind, I’m open to chatting. Just send me an email.

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